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I'm Alieza, A Qualified, Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist & Energy Healer.

BSc in Psychology At Goldsmiths University  (In Progress)

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About Alieza

Alieza Sedira knows first hand that in order to achieve a happy, wholesome and balanced life there are particular recipes and formulas for success, achieving goals and healing certain problem areas of our life.

She herself has personally experienced over 10 years of traditional, as well as alternative therapies, such as Psychotherapy, Mentoring, Coaching, NLP, Shamanism and other Spiritual Practices.

With her personal and professional in-depth knowledge of what it takes to heal and successfully take charge of one's life; She also has a deep understanding of the direct correlation and impact between the quality of our relationships, or the lack of; with ourselves as well as those around us, and how these directly affect our ability to function at our highest capabilities.


She believes that synchronisation is the key. And that all areas of life should be maintained as balanced as possible.

Our external worlds are often a direct reflection of our internal worlds, and when these are out of alignment it can cause great struggles, confusion, feeling 'stuck', lack of motivation, abuse and shame in ourselves. When our external and internal worlds do align in harmony, life becomes simple and blissful.

Depending on what you are specifically struggling with, She believes that an understanding of Gestalt Psychology combined with NLP Coaching, and other techniques are some of the most effective tools in identifying problem areas and reprogramming our relationship to them.  Once identified, she will support you in putting specific recipes and formulas in place to maintain what has been learnt and then keep those newly learnt skills in your new mental and emotional first aid kit.

What I Can Help With 

Personal Power 

  • Self Discovery / Self Assertiveness

  • Emotional Literacy

  •  Mindfulness

  • Healing / Unpacking Difficult Experiences / Feelings

  • Spiritual Growth / Awakening / Confidence ​


  • Assistance in processing feelings of being 'stuck', 'stressed', 'anxious' & overwhelmed

  • Assessing your current life situation/routine for imbalances: Work-life, Finances, Friends, Family, Relationships & Self-care.

  • Goal Planning, Setting & Accountability

  • Finding Motivation & Purpose 


  • Recovering from a Relationship Breakdown 

  • Rebuilding Confidence to date again​

  • Healing & Starting Fresh after Abusive Relationships, or Marriage's 

  • Setting Boundaries in relationships 

  • Discovering the Repeating Patterns in relationships that no longer serve you ​​

  • Dealing with Grief / Loss

  • Mediation for Couples, Family Members, Young Adults, and Co-parents

  • Implementing Balance & Re-arranging priorities 

  • Re-programming & Updating your current internal mental programming and software through re-evaluation, healing and reframing.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.