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The ancient African Proverb states:   

'It Takes A Village To Raise A Child' 

So what happens when we grow up in an unsupported environment? What happens when we’ve not had family members to positively and effectively teach us how to navigate through our darker experiences, emotions and actions?  or how to love and respect ourselves, as well as others, while also maintaining healthy boundaries, yet still exercising compassion and kindness?

Well, the quality of our early life relations and environment will have directly impacted our internal mental blueprint and programmings.

Depending on what that was, you could have been left feeling like, life’s been a constant battle, feeling misunderstood, lonely, anxious, socially awkward, and the list can go on...  

Venus Coaching specifically aims at restoring a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit connection, as this is crucial in understanding who we really are as individuals, which then, in turn, affects our ability and capacity to relate to others. 

These two things are essential for achieving internal and external balance and harmony. For this to happen, we often have to heal from unconscious wounds and programmings. We must also allow ourselves to learn what it is we truly desire, and then have the courage to seek the support, to go after it, fulfil our lives, and often break generational cycles. 

Venus Represents Unconditional Love, Fertility, Harmony, Balance, Creativity, Art and Luxuries…


Venus Coaching is designed to use these principles to discover your true core needs and desires, and how to obtain them.

Individual healing and success eventually ripple out to the collective consciousness.

So instead of it taking ‘A Village To Raise A Child’.

Join the Venus Coaching Philosophy believing; It Takes A Community to Heal A Nation. 


Please feel free to use the direct booking system to book a session. 

If your unable to see a date or time available to suit you, and would like to scedual a custom session feel free to email for further assistance. 


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